Mom & Tot

Mom & Tot classes are for kids from the ages of 18 months-3 year olds.  This class is developed to help kids with their small motor skills and it also teaches kids coordination and strength.   In addition to the gymnastics it allows kids to interact with other kids.  In this class parents will be in the gym with the kids.  You do not have to participate, but you are welcome to!! This class meets once a week for 40 minutes.  Our class ratio for Mom & Tot classes are 7 kids per instructor.*



Our Tiny-Tot classes are for kids between 3-3 1/2.  In out Tiny-Tot classes kids will be develpoing motor skills and will be introduced to beginning gymnastics.  This kids will be taught the proper way to perform forward, backward rolls, back bends, and cartwheels.  These kids will also learn how to interact with other children and will learn about taking turns.  Our Tiny-Tot classes are 45 minutes long.  Our class ratio for this class is 6 kids per instructor.*



Our Mini-Gym classes are for kids between the age of 4-5.  These kids concentrate again on interacting with kids and they will learn cartwheels and round-offs.  They are also introduced to beginning back-handsprings and becoming familiar with going backwards.  Our Mini-Gym classes are the final class in our Pre-School Program.  Once they have completed this class kids will be moved out to the main gym at Damar.  This class is 45 minutes long.  The class ratio for this class is 6 kids per instructor.*

*Sometimes through out the year these ratio may go over due to a sibling needing a spot or a child getting ready to move up. We try not to but sometimes we will.



Tumbling Beginning

Our Beginning classes are for kids from age 6 and up.  In these classes your child will be learning the basics.  These skills include cartwheel, round-offs, back-handsprings, standing back-handspring series, round-off back-handsprings, and round-off back-handspring series. These classes are 1-hour long.  We have a class ratio of 7 kids per instructor. *

Tumbling Intermediate

Intermediate classes are for kids from age 6 and up.  In this class students should be able to consistently perform a standing back handspring, round off back-handspring, and/or standing back-handspring series, or round off back handspring series on a hard surface/spring floor, in order to enroll into this class.  This class will be working on tucks, running and standing, and beginning drills for layouts.  Class ratio is 7 kids per instructor. *

 Advanced Tumbling

Advanced tumbling is set up for kids that have mastered all skills in Intermediate tumbling classes and working lay-outs and are working drills for full twists.  This class is designed for kids working on specialty tumbling.  This would include double fulls, front troughs, whip troughs, X-outs, Arabians, etc.  Classes are hour long and have a class ratio of 7 kids per instructor. *

*Sometimes throughout the year these ratios may go over due to a sibling needing a spot or a child getting ready to move up. We try not to but sometimes we will.


 Cheerleading Squads

Cheerleading squads classes are designed for specific school squads.  These classes are designed to get teh most out of your child’s squad.  No matter if they are a competition squad or a game squad only.  Our squad classes have two different options to choose from.  Squads can take classes for 1 1/2 hours or just for and hour.  No matter which option you choose we will teach yoru squad gymnastics and/or we will work with them on stunts and pryamids.  We can also give you advice on drills and techniques that will help you with your squad.


 Private Lessons

Interested in Private lessons? We have them.  Private lessons are a great way for an individual to improve.  You can choose the instructor of your choice, or we can recommend one.    If you are interested in a private lesson please call the gym @ 606-523-0840 to schedule one.


 Open Gym

GENERAL INFORMATION Open Gym is a non-structured program which provides an ideal opportunity for students to practice their class skills and routines. It is also a time just to have fun performing favorite gymnastic tricks in a safe, supervised environment. Although there is no direct instruction, staff will be on hand to provide coaching assistance. The cost for Open Gym for members is $10.00 (per two hours) per child and non members the fee is $15.00 (per two hours) per child.

WHO MAY PARTICIPATE? Kids from the age of 5 and older may participate as long as all rules/policies are followed. All non-members (individuals who are not currently enrolled in Damar Gymnastics, Inc.) are required to have a parent sign the attached waiver below. Handwritten waivers are not acceptable. Waivers are good for the entire year. Current members do not need a waiver signed. All pre-schooler’s (children under 5) must be accompanied by an adult.

TIMES AND COST Open gym is on Friday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. The fee is $10.00 per person for members and $15.00 for non-members ($1.00 off for each additional child in the same family). The cost is the same if you arrive late.

RULES OF OPEN GYM 1) We reserve the right to remove anyone from the gym who does not follow the rules or comply with the directions of the Staff. 2) Open Gym is to be used as a learning and practice time. Running around, rough-housing, horse play or interfering in any way with classes and/or squads, will not be tolerated. 3) No gum chewing, drinks or food in the gym. 4) One person on the apparatus at a time. 5) No flips on the tramp or into the pit unless you have received permission from the supervisor. Children have to have a signed waiver on file at Damar Gymnastics, Inc before they are allowed to participate. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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