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July 30th-August 5th 

Summer Break

The gym will be closed these days for Summer Break.

 JULY 1st!!! 


We will re-open for classes and practice on July 1st!! We look forward to seeing everyone back in the gym!!!!

All-Star Evaluation 

Spirit of Kentucky

All-Star evaluations info will be coming out shortly!! Please check back for info!!


Damar Gymnastics "Been teaching children since 1992!"


Cheer squad  classes are designed for  individual  

school squads.  These classes were created to get the most out of your child’s cheer squad.  Whether they are a competitive squad or a game squad only.  Our squad classes have two different options to choose from.  Squads can take classes for 1 1/2 hours or just for an hour.  No matter which option you choose we will teach your squad gymnastics and/or we will work with them on stunts and pyramids.  We can also give you advice on drills and techniques that will help you maximize  your squad.


We also offer classes for those that just want to tumble. Whether you are learning a simple cartwheel or wanting to learn the proper techniques for doing tucks, layouts, and fulls. We have you covered at Damar.


At Damar we have classes for "little ones" also.  Beginning at 18 months up to 5-year-olds.  Our preschool facility is separate from the main gym so there are no distractions from older kids.  


Private lessons are a great way for an individual to improve.  You can choose the instructor of your choice, or we can recommend one.   If you are interested in a private lesson please call the gym @ 606-523-0840 to schedule one.

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Spirit of Kentucky All-Stars

From exhibition to competitive cheer, Spirit of Kentucky has a place for your child. Let us show you what combining family and sports can do for your athlete. Building College level athletes each day!

As soon as you can walk

you can join the fun!


 For All 


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