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Mom & Tot

Mom & Tot classes are for kids from the ages of 18 months-3 years old.  This class is developed to help kids with their small motor skills and it also teaches kids coordination and strength.   In addition to gymnastics, it allows kids to interact with other kids.  In this class parents will be in the gym with the kids.  You do not have to participate, but you are welcome too!! This class meets once a week for 40 minutes.  Our class ratio for Mom & Tot classes are 7 kids per instructor.* Class Fee $36.00 per month.


Our Tiny-Tot classes are for kids between 3-3 1/2.  In out Tiny-Tot classes kids will be developing motor skills and will be introduced to beginning gymnastics.  These kids will be taught the proper way to perform forward, backward rolls, backbends, and cartwheels.  These kids will also learn how to interact with other children and will learn about taking turns.  Our Tiny-Tot classes are 45 minutes long.  Our class ratio for this class is 6 kids per instructor.* Class Fee $40.00 per month.


Our Mini-Gym classes are for kids between the age of 4-5.  These kids concentrate again on interacting with kids and they will learn cartwheels and round-offs.  They are also introduced to beginning back-handsprings and becoming familiar with going backwards.  Our Mini-Gym classes are the final class in our Pre-School Program.  Once they have completed this class kids will be moved out to the main gym at Damar.  This class is 45 minutes long.  The class ratio for this class is 6 kids per instructor.* Class Fee $40.00 per month.

*Sometimes throughout the year, these ratios may go over due to a sibling needing a spot or a child getting ready to move up. We try not to but sometimes we will.

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