Tumbling Beginning

Our Beginning classes are for kids from age 6 and up.  In these classes, your child will be learning the basics.  These skills include cartwheel, round-offs, back-handsprings, standing back-handspring series, round-off back handsprings, and round-off back handspring series. These classes are 1-hour long. 

We have a class ratio of 7 kids per instructor. * Class Fee $42.00 per month.

Tumbling Intermediate

Intermediate classes are for kids age 6 and up.  In this class, students should be able to consistently perform a standing back handspring, round off back handspring, and/or standing back-handspring series, or round off back handspring series on a hard surface/spring floor, in order to enroll into this class.  This class will be working on tucks, running and standing, and beginning drills for layouts.  

We have a class ratio is 7 kids per instructor. * Class Fee $44.00 per month.

 Tumbling Advanced

Advanced tumbling is set up for kids that have mastered all skills in Intermediate tumbling classes and working lay-outs and are working drills for full twists.  This class is designed for kids working on specialty tumbling.  This would include double fulls, front troughs, whip troughs, X-outs, Arabians, etc.  Classes are an hour long. 

We have a class ratio of 7 kids per instructor. * Class Fee $44.00 per month.

*Sometimes throughout the year, these ratios may go overdue to a sibling needing a spot or a child getting ready to move up. We try not to but sometimes we will.